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Distance Sukamade turtle beach approximately 97 kilo meters to the south west of the down of Banyuangi. Sukamade turtle beach is an education tourist object. in this palce, you can get knowledge all about turtle. Sukamade turtle beach is a quiet beaches, thats why became a habitat for the turtle. At first discovered by the ducth coast in 1927. Rubber, cacao and coffe plantation planted in the ground area of 1200 hectares. Sukamade is a protected natural forest in east java, related to the turtle breeding. At night trip to the Sukamade beach unforgettable. The Visitor led by an experienced ranger guides to see the turtles lended to lay their eggson beaches and sand beaches. Female turtles usully nest to hundred places in the sand o the beach. female turtles usully from shore at 7.30pm and return to the see at 12.00 midnight. Months, November is to march is a turtle resting season.

Itinerary :

Day 1 : Pick up service

  • Pick you up at Surabaya / Malang by our private car and take you to madakaripura waterfall for 3 hours driving.
  • Explore the Waterfall until finish and statisfied then come back our private car
  • And then our private car take you to your hotel in bromo area for 1 hours driving.
  • Chek in hotel and free program

Day 2 : Bromo tour

  • At 2.30 am wake you up for preparing then at 03.00 am start to penanjakan hill / view point by the jeep car 4WD.
  • Arrived at penanjakan hill / view point parking, walking for 5 minutes to the view point and then waiting for the bromo sunrise shining
  • Enjoy the view untill finish and statisfied then come back to your jeep, to continue your trip to mount bromo crater by stop at sea of sand (parking lot)
  • Get the sea of sand (parking lot) and then start treking to bromo crater for 30 minutes or you can take the horse transportation for 15 minutes.
  • After the get bromo crater, enjoy your time untill statisfied, and come back to your jeep to continue back to your hotel.
  • Get your hotel and have breakfast, take a shower and relax untill ready at 10.00 am to chek out hotel.
  • At 10.00 am chek out from your hotel and our private car take you to continue your trip to ijen crater for 6 hours driving
  • Arrived at ijen crater area and your hotel, chek in hotel and free program.

Day 3 Ijen blue fire tour - Sukamade

  • At 00.30 am, wake you up for preparing then at 01.00 am chek out from hotel and going around 1 hours driving to ijen parking area, but before you leave, you get the breakfast box from the hotel.
  • Arrived at ijen parking area, you have to go with local guide and also using the gas mask.
  • From the parking area you going together with gude arround 3 km and going down around 500 m to the bluefire place.
  • After enjoy see the bluefire untill statisfied, you have back to the top to see the sunrise
  • After see sunrise, its possible if you want to know abput activity for the sulphur minners, you can also talking about with them.
  • For this tour you have back to the parking for the maximum time untill at 8.00am.
  • Arrived at ijen parking area, you going direct to jajag village for 2,5 hours driving.
  • Change transport for by jeep 4WD in jajag village due stony road and across river to arrive in sukamade, driving around 3 hours.
  • Chek in wisma kebun us our very simple accomodation.
  • Stay at standart room attached bathroom with cool water (not hot water) and free program ( you can take a rest).
  • At 7.00pm after diner start doing safari night tour, waiting and Explore the green turtle to lay down on the beach sand, then laying eggs there.
  • All the program will be guided by local ranger umtill 24.00 (midnight).
  • And then back to Wisma to take a rest.

Day 4 : Sukamade tour

  • After breakfast at 6.00am, we chek out from wisma an we going to the beach to realise the beby turtle from the conservation warmchamber.
  • Put them out and we are ready to take out of them to the see.
  • All the process also is guide by local ranger
  • After that, we leave sukamade turtle beach and going direct back to jajag village to change with our private car, by stop and green bay if you want to swim in the beach.
  • Arrived at jajag village and chage with our private car, going direct back to Surabaya / Malang / Ketapang fery pot say good bye with our driver and guide, and your tour is finish.

Something you have to bring :

Warm jacket, good mask, head cover, shoes, sock, glove, sunblock, medicine, raincost, and lotion or spray for mosquitos.

Include / Facility :

  • Private transportation during the tour
  • Driver, Petrol, tol, parking fee and retribution
  • Entrance fee Madakaripura waterfall
  • Entrance fee mount bromo
  • Entrance fee Ijen crater and bluefire
  • Entrance fee Sukamade turtle beach
  • Local guide and motor cyle transportation in madakaripura waterfall
  • Local guide in ijen + gask mask
  • Local ranger in sukamade
  • Jeep 4WD in mount bromo
  • Jeep 4WD in sukamade turtle beach
  • 1 night hotel in bromo area (breakfast from hotel)
  • 1 night hotel in ijen area (breakfast from hotel)
  • 1 night wisma in sukamade area (breakfast, lunch, dinner from hotel)
  • Mineral water during the tour.

Excluded :

  • Lunch and diner
  • Riding horse in bromo
  • Travel insurance
  • Personal expenses

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